Top Space-Saving Furniture Trend of 2023


With increasing urban populations, limited living space and the need to incorporate a less is more lifestyle, we are starting to tap into space-saving furniture and what that means for us. As our spaces get smaller, we have to ask ourselves how we can utilize our pieces in more than one way. This brings us to the most popular space-saving furniture in 2023.

1. Sofa Beds

A classic concept that used to sit in spare bedrooms or basements, the sofa bed has made its way back into the space-saving arena. While we may still be used to its old ways, modern sofa beds come with a simple pull-out concept, and adjustable backrests and look much more contemporary than before. The perfect way to save space in small rooms or areas, all while making the most of your sleep.


2. Storage Beds

Storage beds have become one of the most popular necessities in the bedroom. A place to sleep and a place to store your thing in one place? 

Score! The great thing about the storage bed is the immense number of concepts that have been brought to life by the furniture industry. 

Lift up the whole bed for an easy access compartment underneath, or stick with pull-out drawers in its base. Styles stay contemporary and fashionable. Allowing you to not just throw something under your bed, but place it in safe, clean and easily accessible storage.


3. Side table

Bedside tables used to be very one-dimensional and bland, yet their major upgrades are allowing us to reconsider the way we store our bedside treasures. 

Take the EnHomee Nightstand for example. This modern take allows for a generous worktop, open storage as well as two drawers. Providing you with more storage space in a modern and fashionable way. No more need for cramping everything into one drawer – that’s so last season. 

Now, find the best storage options with ample space in your new bedside tables!


4. Bed Ottoman

When your storage bed is full and you don’t want to shove unnecessary clutter into your closets, you can opt for the bed ottoman. 

This nifty piece sits at the end of your bed and provides a chest-like storage compartment for anything from seasonal clothing, shoes, bags and accessories or most popularly, sheets, blankets and pillowcases. Ottomans can be found in an array of colours and styles and double as a seat when necessary. A win-win storage situation!



5. Wall-mounted Clothing Rack

Closet doors have naturally been the first option for homes. However, many are beginning to opt for the wall-mounted clothing rack with good merit. Why wouldn’t you want to see all of your beautiful clothes hanging right in front of you? 


The Raybee Wall Mounted Closet Organizer provides you with six different installation methods, bringing you the DIY closet of your dreams. Whatever empty space you have in your home can be mounted with its 595 lbs clothing rack loading capacity. 

If clothing is your artistic expression, there’s nothing better than placing them on display!

 6. Bookcases

Bookcases are the epitome of strong storage solutions. Especially for the type of storage that you're totally happy for everyone to see and enjoy. 

Whether you’re a book buff with a large collection or opt for records, picture frames, memorabilia, decorations or a totally other direction as a closet option. They can all be presented beautifully on an open bookcase. 



The Pottery Barn large wall unit provides a sense of organization in a simplistic and modern approach. With wide compartments, handsome details and expertly crafted, it’ll be a statement piece you can’t live without.

7. Chest of Drawers

If there was one storage piece you needed to get the most space, the chest of drawers will always be the way to go. To have the ability to store so much in one space is amazing.

Especially when it comes to the Enhomee Tall Fabric Dresser with its 16-drawer storage.



That’s right, 16 drawers!

Providing you with the amount of storage space you’ve dreamed of. To put it in perspective for you. Their small drawer can fit 15 – 18 hats, medium drawers hold around 9-11 long-sleeved shirts and their large drawers, at least 16-20 shirts. Talk about space.

8. Coffee table

Coffee tables used to be a simple flat surface for your morning coffee, reading and feet. Now, coffee tables are taking on a form of their own and are putting storage into consideration. 

Freelancers working from home can have a field day with the Jahmarri Coffee Table. This unique innovation allows for open and closed storage, a flat surface and best of all, a lift top (for easy storage access) and a great option for working while sitting comfortably on the couch.

9. TV stand

A storage-friendly TV stand can be the best way to not only fit your usual television devices but to make room for whatever else you need to stash away for the time being. 


This Livingston 105-inch low media suite is a beautiful and modern crafted TV stand that can seamlessly fit into your interior design style choices. With plenty of storage underneath and a flat top surface, you’ll have plenty of room for storage and decoration. Especially if your television is mounted onto the wall!

10. Kitchen Racks with Wine Storage Racks

As some of us move into smaller places, it's best to make the most of the room we have. A kitchen rack can be the best thing for kitchens prone to clutter and with a little surface area of their own. 



The Kitchen Bakers Rack with wine storage racks and microwave storage couldn’t be more ideal to aid in your kitchen clutter. Place everything from spices, utensils, pots and pans and more into this trusty kitchen side piece.

11. Bathroom Storage Rack with Bags

Bathrooms can tend to be small with very little space to place even your toothbrush. With usually only a compartment underneath the sink, storage options become minimal. Especially when towels take up half the space.



A bathroom storage rack with bags can help declutter your already full bathroom and allow you to organize everything exactly how you need. The Raybee Laundry Sorter not only has its double storage area, but a laundry hamper with removable bags. Giving you two-in-one storage of your things, as well as your clothes that are in desperate need of a wash!


12. Multifunctional & Adjustable Storage Rack

When it’s simply storage you need, then an adjustable storage rack is what you should get. Coming in all shapes, sizes and colours, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your space. 



If simplicity and minimalism are in your sights, the Raybee 72” White Metal Shelving Unit could be exactly what you’re looking for. 

Providing you with more space, brightness and a neater option for your belongings. Place it in any room of the house and feel free to place anything inside of it. With a weight capacity of 400 pounds per shelf, adjustable shelving and pure beauty, your storage needs will be covered here.


Times are changing and so is our living space. While we used to opt for more is better, we now find ourselves compacting and yearning for pieces that do more than sit and look pretty.

The best thing about the furniture industry is it will continue to evolve with us. Supplying us with the best new and fashionable storage-saving options to help us out in our tighter living spaces. So, get on board and gift yourself or others with the trending storage-saving furniture of 2023.



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