Popular and Practical Father's Day Gifts of 2023


Father's day

Since the dawn of time – or at least our lifetimes – dads have been notoriously difficult to shop for. It’s almost as if they have the audacity to go out and buy the things that they need themselves!

This leaves us to toss and turn trying to decide what on earth we can give them to show our appreciation for them.

This Father's Day, instead of digging through the memory bank of things they may like or walking around the mall searching for the perfect gift. Let us help you decide on the best, and most delightful, presents your dad would appreciate this year.

1. Recliner Chair:

Not only is a recliner an ideal gift for when he watches the game all Sunday or acts like he isn’t watching your mum's favourite soaps with her. It is a great option for his overall health too.

While comfort is the selling point, a more notable aspect of the recliner is its ability to take the pressure off the back and spine, elevating the feet for even distribution of body weight. The Bladen Manual Recliner is that cool leather-looking option that your dad can melt into.


2. Bedside Table:

If you're looking for a little spruce you can offer, why not go for a bedside table option? Most households own a standard bedside table with little storage and not much ease but the EnHomee Nightstand set with a charging station could be the perfect upgrade the main bedroom needs.

The two-tier open shelves make for easy placement of everyday items, and the drawer is perfect storage for the rest. Its stylish wood look keeps it a little masculine and best of all, offers two standard outlets, two USB ports and a switch for convenience.


3. Gaming Chair:



Is your dad into gaming? If so, supplying him with the greatest tools to not have a mini meltdown when he’s beaten is a great option!

Gaming chairs are becoming incredibly popular and their designs are even more intricate. Their high backrest brings comfort while gaming and supports the upper back and shoulders. Helping fix the old man’s posture.

The GTPlayer Pro Series GT002 is an excellent choice if you know nothing about gaming chairs and want to purchase one of the best!


4. Home Office Desk:

Since the pandemic, many dads have taken their work home. If he happens to be still sitting at the kitchen table or working with the desk he bought back in 2020, then an upgrade may be in order.

The Pottery Barn Malcolm Executive desk is an artisan-crafted masterpiece and is designed for versatility. With the perfect amount of storage, including drawers large enough to hold legal documents or letter-sized folders. It is the perfect desk to keep him feeling professional and fashionable.


5. Shoe Rack:


Some dads find major enjoyment in shoe collecting. Especially if he was a basketball player who could have been in the NBA if he hadn’t injured himself in high school.

If his kicks are piled on top of each other in the closet, it's best to grab him this EnHomee 6-tier metal and wooden shoe rack. Mum will be happy because it is suitable for any home style and she won’t have to be tripping over any giant shoes hanging around.


6. Bar Cart:

To head into the direction of entertainment, we can move over to the mixology dads who like to keep it classy with their guests. A bar cart may not seem like a normal option, but a stylish and functional gift, nonetheless.

If dad tends to enjoy entertaining – with a side of showing off – the Home Depot Clear Chrome Service Cart could be the suave option your dad will enjoy flaunting.


7. Grilling Accessories:


It's pretty rare when a dad isn’t into grilling and grilling accessories could be the perfect niche to step into for an excellent gift.

BBQ tools, smoker boxes or grill baskets are just some of the tools you can dive into. With many varieties and high-quality options available, you could be supplying a much-needed upgrade and guaranteeing good cooking for your next backyard BBQ.


8. Outdoor Furniture:

Continuing on with outdoor options, outdoor furniture is a great way to get two giggles from one tickle. Outdoor furniture is always all the rage and elevating constantly. Options that were trending last year can find themselves being upgraded by the new furniture trends of 2023.

The Costway two-piece outdoor patio lounge chair is a great example of this. With its lightweight design, all-weather handling material and 5 adjustable backrest option, it’s a choice your dad can utilize but your mum can equally enjoy!


9. Personalized Engraved Watch:

If your dad is a watchman and you’re opting for a timeless gift, a personalized engraved watch could provide you with a stunning option your dad can wear for, well, potentially ever.

While smartwatches have begun to take over, there is still something so elegant about a classic watch. The Chrono S2 from Vincero is their best seller eight years in a row and does it all. With built-in 316L stainless steel and available in 10 unique colourways and straps, it’s a beautiful option that may well take him by surprise.


10. Outdoor Gear:

So, your dad is a camping man. Where do we even begin?

We can start with the huge North Face Wawona 6 Tent that includes a double wall construction. The upgrade-making camping has the comforts of home in this mighty tent option. Though if they already have a tent, don’t stress. You can also opt for sleeping bags, camping stoves and/or camping gear! Sky’s the limit.


11. DIY Tool Set:

If when looking for your dad, nine times out of 10 he’s in the garage working on DIY or home improvement projects, a tool set could not only be a useful gift, but a practical gift this Father’s Day.

Dads who spend their time with their hands usually work with tools from years back. Never upgrading because “they last forever.”Offering you the perfect opportunity to provide an upgrade very much needed. There are many options to choose from, so try and do a little digging to find out what he needs. Or look for the dirtiest or rustiest tools to replace!


12. Garage Storage Shelves:


If the DIY tools are all up to par, then we may need to think a little bigger. Organization can be a great thing for dads collecting a lot of tools or equipment that they don’t necessarily use for every project.

So, why not help them with storage?

The Reibii 72” Garage Shelving is the best product you could buy for your dad who probably has it all. In all shapes and sizes. With a total weight capacity of 2000 pounds, everything and anything can be stored and organized with durable and stable adjustable utility shelves.

Sure, dads can be hard to shop for. That’s why we have to get creative with understanding not just what they want, but what they may need. When deciding on and choosing furniture as a gift, be sure to consider your dad's personal style, as well as the overall décor of the living space. With high-quality furniture that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing, you’ll find the perfect gift to keep him happy. Until next year…


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