The Most Popular Interior Design Styles in 2023



Inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere. When it comes to our interior design, we should be leaning towards popular design styles to help us pinpoint what we truly love and what's ready to leave behind in 2023. So with no further ado, let’s dig into the most popular interior design styles in 2023 and what they can bring to your home or space!

Scandinavian Minimalism


Although we are discussing trends of 2023, the Scandinavian design actually first made its appearance in homes around the 1950s. While the concept overall is that of minimalism with simple lines, and a neat and clean look that doesn’t sacrifice functionality and beauty, the overall concept is really about embodying an uncluttered space.

That’s right, the aesthetically pleasing aspect of the Scandinavian design is its ability to make and keep your space looking tidy. A concept that many of us are surely are happy to take on in our homes.

When it comes to colour palettes, you'd be looking at:

  • Muted colours with a neutral heavy palette.
  • Modern furniture that incorporates warm wood tones with gentle lines and subtle curves.
  • Natural light
  • Wood, wood, wood! In all aspects, you can think of.
  • Plants and flowers can happily cover the space and bring life to the room.

Remember that the Scandinavian design banks on the less is more approach. You want it to be simple and practical, the two largest principles.


Biophilic Design


With a collective focus on connecting back with nature, the biophilic design is a perfect concept that is gaining traction.

Coming from the word Biophilia which means love and nature, this specific design is focused on incorporating nature into our indoor environment. By doing this, we can create a connection with nature and improve our overall well-being through the process. All right in our own home.

The biophilic design looks to emphasize the natural world in a way that we can compact it into a smaller space indoors.

Think of all of our five senses: sight, touch, smell (natural scents), taste (in the kitchen and dining room aspects) and hearing (water elements, fireplace or natural sounds). This can be compressed into elements such as water, greenery and natural light. All aspects of nature we adore. With these themes bringing us the baseline, you can then look to bring in pieces that revolve around wood and stone elements.

If you are able to follow the three principles of Biophilic design:

· Nature in the space

· Nature of the space; and
Nature analogues.

Then you'll be way on your way to replicating the senses that nature gives to us!

Industrial Chic


Industrial chic is a style that remains in vogue. The aesthetic trend looks to mimic and take cues from old factories and industrial spaces. An odd concept for an indoor theme. However, the outcomes have made it one of the more sought designs that stick to simplicity with raw functionality of elements.

While still minimalistic, it is characterized by exposed brick walls, metal aspects and rustic elements offering the design a raw and unfinished vibe. But it is the chic effect that turns it into an elegant look that can be interpreted as both welcoming and laid back.

The industrial chic design looks for:

· A mix of neutral colour palettes with potential for bold colours.

· Polished concrete, stone or wood flooring. No carpets and neutral rugs.

· High bare windows, with grid patterning or potentially black panes to increase the very welcoming natural light in the room

The best part about the industrial chic design? Most furniture options fit perfectly in it. Whether it’s repurposed, or pieces with strong and clear lines, you can fit most any furniture piece into this beautiful and unique space.

Modern Farmhouse



There is something so homey about the Modern Farmhouse style and it is a continuous trend design for 2023. Its bright lights, airy moods, comfortable feel with modern touches, glossy accents, neutral colour schemes and nature-inspired tone and textures give it the cosy interior you’ve always wanted.

You can accomplish this breezy light home vibe by incorporating:

· Neutral colour pallets with bright natural light

· Exposed wood beams and open shelving

· Incorporating accents of plants and greenery

The texture is a large theme when it comes to modern farmhouse décor. This means pairing those neutral shades with wood and textured wood furniture. Incorporating contemporary elements into the overall aesthetics is the real goal here, such as stainless steel appliances which sit perfectly in the design of your home overall or large and comfortable furniture pieces.



The Japandi Interior design looks to fuse Japanese and Scandinavian design principles into one. Embracing the minimalistic, simplicity and functionality of the Scandinavian style while also incorporating Japanese aesthetics. Including natural materials, craftsmanship and zen-inspired elements.

You will still be following the neutral colours, incorporating greenery and natural feels as well as high-quality and natural pieces. However, a sleek elegance brings a welcoming yet trending vibe to your overall space.


To stick to this design, you can work to:

  • Use minimalist design concepts.

  • Work towards natural materials.

  • Incorporate simple and clean lines with luxurious textures.

  • Think delicately about your colour palettes; and

  • Bring nature inside your walls.


Bohemian Eclectic


There is nothing quite as eccentric yet pleasing as the bohemian design. This popular style looks to incorporate its eclectic mix of colours patterns and textures with its vintage furniture, cultural artefacts and global influences.

As a free-spirited design, the playful style makes room for creativity. It looks to embody your full creative expression by encouraging thoughtful maximalism. An unfamiliar concept to the many trends above. By layering your textures, decorative purchases or artworks and fascinating objects – with a few plants and mini trees squeezed in – you can create a vibrant space that’s pleasing to the senses.

If you are happy to sit and sleep outside of the box, you can follow the bohemian design principles of the absence of structure, carefree layering of all elements and tapping into your creative flow. Have fun with it!

Art Deco Revival


While the Art Deco style might feel like you're in Miami, this luxurious and glamorous style is making its way back into our home. Characterized by geometric shapes, bold colours, rich materials and decadent details, you'll find yourself reminiscing in this style from the 1920s and 30s.

If you are one for the untraditional, this unconventional style brings luxury and glamour into your home. You can accomplish this type of look by incorporating:

  • Opulence, elegance and sophistication in its exotic wood, chrome and brass metals and sumptuous fabric furniture pieces.

  • Geometric patterns, symmetry and price lines.

  • Smooth curves and clean lines

  • An emphasis on decorative details

Art Deco brings on a timeless quality to your home and will captivate your guests with its combination of allure and modernist influences and aesthetics that stand the test of time.


Sustainable Design



With many of our minds working to be environmentally conscious, sustainable design is becoming increasingly popular as the years go on. As the focus leans heavily on eco-friendly materials, this also moves us towards more conscious ways of living. We can see this in incorporating energy-efficient solutions and creating a space that allows us to focus on our well-being.

Although sustainable interior design wants us to reduce our negative impact on the environment, it doesn’t take away from the ability to design a space to perfection. Furniture is elevating and becoming both beautiful and sustainable at the same time. So, how can you bring sustainability into your home? Look for non-toxic and nonpolluting furniture and pieces to fill up your space. Optimizing on wood, stone or nontoxic materials could help not only be satisfied with your well-designed space but feel that much healthier at the end of the day too.

Design is to each their own and while we all have our individual preferences, there are also regional variations that can influence the popularity of a design style. Always opt for styles that resonate with your taste and create a space that reflects your lifestyle, values and of course, you.

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