We believe that a tidy home brings happiness

Through extensive communication with our customers, we have come to realize that living in an organized manner leads to a sense of fulfillment. We firmly believe that when all the clutter is neatly arranged, it frees up space to indulge in your passions.

Our brand philosophy revolves around providing creative and high-quality storage furniture and solutions that help you create a well-organized and clutter-free living environment. Our goal is to offer you more space and freedom, enabling you to focus on what truly brings you joy. With every item having a proper storage location, you can easily find and utilize them without wasting time or energy.

Continuous improvement

Our dedicated research and development team deeply understands the needs of our customers and continually improves our products based on their feedback. We firmly believe that by leveraging our expertise and listening to our customers, we can provide them with ideal storage solutions that enhance their sense of order and satisfaction.

Fast Delivery

We have 4 warehouses located in California, New Jersey, Texas, and Georgia in the United States. Covering the entire US market, making it more convenient for customers to receive our products.

Every detail matters

We have set up a customer service team. Customers can communicate with our assistants, to enjoy a delightful and professional shopping experience.

So we are committed to creating high-quality and enjoyable furniture for you

Our founder Ray established three brands - Raybee, Reibii, and Enhomee - with a shared dream of bringing comfort to every home through our exceptional furniture products. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey and discover the joy that comes with an organized life. Embrace the freedom that comes from decluttering your space and unlock limitless possibilities!

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