About us – reibii

We believe that a tidy home brings happiness

We have spent a lot of time communicating with our customers, and the more we talk, the more we believe that being organized brings happiness. And we believe that if all the clutter is neatly arranged, you can free up space to enjoy your hobbies.

Continuous improvement

We listen to customer feedback and continuously update our designs to meet their evolving needs. We are committed to providing our customers with the best furniture products. We ensure high-quality materials, precise craftsmanship, and rigorous quality testing at every step of the process.

Fast Delivery

We have three large warehouses located in Houston, Los Angeles, and New Jersey, covering the entire US market, making it more convenient for customers to receive our products.

Every detail matters

We have set up a customer service team. Customers can communicate with our assistants, to enjoy a delightful and professional shopping experience.

So we are committed to creating high-quality and enjoyable furniture for you

With this idea in mind, our founder Ray created three brands - Raybee, Reibii, and Enhomee - and we dream of bringing cleanliness and comfort to every home through our furniture products.
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