2024 Furniture Fashion Trend Forecast



Trends come and go! So while we sit and look back on the furniture trends of 2023, we can simultaneously start looking forward as 2024 comes into full swing.

The major furniture moments of this year are making their way to us, fast. Whether you're looking to create a whole new style in your home or purchase a couple of pieces here and there, we have everything you need to keep your space looking fabulous and up to date.

To help you stay on top of the furniture trends in 2024, we have put together a guide to get those brain waves moving and ideas flowing. Allowing you to not be left behind in your major in-home furnishing moments.


1. Sustainability & Eco-friendly Design

Of course, as many industries are heading in the same direction, sustainable and eco-friendly design is a major trending topic.

Every day we see how the world is changing and how damaging these changes can be to our future. Therefore, we find ourselves opting for more sustainable options that help us feel better about our purchase. 

When the goal as individuals is to reduce pollution, the furniture industry has stampeded head first into figuring out how to bring eco-friendly designs, recycled materials and environmentally conscious manufacturing processes.

It’s a tough step to take, but one that will place us in a better position for our future.


Sabai, coming out of Northern California, is the perfect example of sustainable but fashionable living.

With FSC-certified wood, upcycled materials like recycled water bottles, non-toxic machined solid aluminium, certiPUR-US certified high resiliency foam, 100% recycled fiber fill pillows and more. You won’t believe you’ve found pieces so much better for the environment that look and feel like what you already know. 

Take, for example, the Essential Sectional. A simple yet classic sectional, found in a multitude of colours, portrays how much sustainable living can certainly keep up with trends. Throw in the fact that parts are scratch-resistant, waterproof and modular, you are buying great quality pieces you know to feel good on the soul.


2. Multifunctional & Space-saving Furniture

With so much chaos in the world and inflation taking a toll on our spending, we may discover ourselves opting for smaller living spaces and situations.

This could look like simply finding a smaller apartment, or even going as far as shared living. These compact living spaces have led us to our next 2023 trends, versatile and space-saving furniture solutions.

We want the biggest bang for our buck. The bang is that of storage!!

The future will look like more beds with multiple storage functions, modular sofas, expandable and easy-to-use wardrobe racks, as well as convertible storage solutions.

Just like sustainability, the furniture industry must comply. Meaning that whoever can creatively come up and increase the storage function and save space in their pieces in the best way possible will be the winner!

EnHomee has the perfect example of this in their 16-drawer bedroom storage dresser. That’s right, 16 drawers. This tall dresser can be placed anywhere in the home. Including the bedroom, living room, closet, office and even your sewing room. Not only can you fit an immense number of items in here, but you can also use the dresser as a TV stand, foyer table or bedside table. The sturdy base top allows for decorations and did we mention the amount of storage available? That’s 16 drawers!


3. Natural & Organic Materials


While some of us get to delve into our homes sitting out in nature, many of us live in the complicated and crowded urban world.

Being cooped up makes us yearn for natural surroundings, but obtaining that isn’t always easy in the city.

That’s where individuals will start to lean towards altering their living environment to take on a more natural feel. Finding this in furniture made from more natural materials like wood, rattan and bamboo.

But why will going for more natural and organic material furniture be better? It comes down to:

  • · Environmental sustainability: selecting environmentally kind choices that use sustainable
  • · Durability and longevity: Many natural materials – especially hardwoods – are able to take on the wear and tear. Making their strength generational.
  • · Indoor Health: When we have synthetic furniture in our home, we compromise our air quality over time while natural materials are found to generally have lower VOC emissions.
  • · Easy Maintenance: One is not easier than the other, and you can find that natural furniture is incredibly simple to clean.
  • · Timeless Pieces: Natural furniture has a classic appeal with its warmer tones and unique textures. On top of this, they can also be manipulated into versatile designs and customizations.


4. Bold Colors & Patterns

Those of us who long yearned for minimalistic appeals with rooms and furniture made of neutral tones and simple colored pieces may find ourselves reaching for something with a little more pop.

Breaking away from traditional neutral tones seems to be staying in 2022 and embracing vibrant and bold colours is making its way fiercely into 2023. 

With good merit, as colours impact us a lot more than we may want to believe. Adding colours to your space has the potential to:

  • Create the illusion of a bigger space.
  • Generate calming effects or intensify energies in rooms.
  • Provide sophisticated looks or enchanted vibes.
  • Can bring in a more masculine or feminine feel to your space.

When you integrate colour into your home and center that colour into a signature piece, then your really going to make your space speak volumes.

Don’t be afraid to take the time to understand what colours you need and want to make your home look and feel that much more different. It’s the trend you may have never known you needed.


5. Technology Integration In Furniture

Now more than ever before, technology is making its way into all aspects of our lives. This happens to be coming full force into furniture too.

A major trend not just for 2023, but for years to come, will be the integration of high technology into our furniture to improve convenience and comfort. What will be the biggest challenge is furniture hitting that sweet spot of a balance between aesthetics and technology. But a challenge I am sure many are happy to take on.


 A great example of this will be seen in desk chairs. The Herman Miller Embody Chair has the input of 30 physicians and PhDs in biomechanics, vision, physical therapy and ergonomics. Made to increase blood circulation, improve oxygen flow and even lower your heart rate. It’s the perfect chair for those enduring long-term sitting!

Furniture trends for 2024 may not be exactly what you expect, but you'll be happy with the results. Regardless of whether you head in the direction of sustainability and eco-friendly design, multifunctional and space-saving furniture, natural and organic materials, bold colors and patterns or technology-integrated furniture, you'll find the pieces perfect for you.

Never be afraid to be bold and take on the new furniture trends of 2023 before you miss out and have to wait for next year! If you have any ideas about furniture trends, welcome to discuss them in the comment section below.

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