Introduction of Materials and Processes of the Reibii Fabric Furniture


What is fabric furniture?


EnHomee fabric furniture


Use different types of textile fabrics, including cotton, linen, silk, rayon, and nylon, for interior furniture covering or interior furniture making, etc., such as making fabric storage cabinets, fabrics file cabinets, fabric bedside tables, fabric porch tables, etc.

Compared to expensive leather and solid wood furniture, fabric furniture is lighter, cheaper, more breathable, and recyclable. At the same time, it also has the advantages of environmental protection, moisture-proof, flexible, flame-retardant, non-toxic and non-irritating, and is easy to clean.


Reibii fabric furniture collection's process and materials used fabric furniture products are all made of high-density MDF, rustproof metal frames, and non-woven drawers.


You can expand extra space and store more products using denser and stronger MDF. The surface is covered with waterproof triamine paper for easier cleaning.

fabric desk top is easier to clean


    • Around the drawer:

The use of environmentally friendly and breathable non-woven materials can effectively reduce the infestation of mold and bacteria. Lighter weight, easier to pull, and not to get stuck.

 Fabric drawers are lighter

    • Drawer front:

It adopts the artistic design of fabric veneer or wood board veneer, supplemented by wooden boards in the middle, the image is more three-dimensional and elegant, and the drawer is firmer.

 3 tiers fabric drawers

    • Bottom of drawer:

The drawers are foldable and come with solid wood panels at the bottom. When put in the drawer board, the rigid shape of the drawer can be naturally maintained. When taken it out, the drawers can be easily folded for better storage.

 foldable non woven fabric drawer

    • Back of the drawer:

The use of back-shaped metal slide rails prevents the drawer from falling off, making it safer and more secure.

 Special track design to avoid drawers from falling


With smooth metal frame, waterproof and rustproof, simple and strong structure to be versatile with your home decoration.

Rust-proof metal frame 


Use double-hole handle design, the style is simple, and the overall design complements each other!


Double handle is more labor-saving



The height can be adjusted appropriately, and it can remain level even on uneven ground!

adjustable feet



Use the anti-tipping kit to be more stable and safer!

anti-tipping part to be more stable and safer

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