2023 Best L Shaped Clothing Rack For Extra Storage


L-shaped freestanding closet rack for small space and the corner of room

In small rooms or rooms without closets, storage and organization can be a struggle. The best L-shaped clothing racks provide a convenient and affordable storage solution for organizing your long clothes, short coats, shoes, and hats and more.

  1. What is an L-shaped clothing rack?

  2. Why do you need an L-shaped wardrobe closet?

  3. Where to buy L-shaped hangers?

  4. How do we test hangers?

  5. What to consider when buying an L-shaped garment rack?

What is an l shaped clothing rack?

The l shaped garment rack is a multifunctional free-standing clothing rack that generally includes a variety of assembly methods. It will be looked L-shaped When you assemble it vertically, which is very suitable for use in small rooms or corners, this is where the term 'L-shaped clothing rack' comes from, another way is to assemble it horizontally to get a multifunctional wardrobe rack.


DIY L-shaped wire garment rack with shelves meets different needs

Why do you need an L-shaped wardrobe closet?

If you have ever been troubled by the following problems:

  • The bedroom is too small, and you owe too many things. You have no place to put clothes, shoes, hats, and scarves to be in a cluttered room.
  • When the seasons change, you can't find the one you want the most at a glance, you have to look for it in a pile of clothes, but the work you have done before is ruined.
  • You don't want to wear wrinkled clothes to work or on a date, but you are usually very busy with work and don't have much time to tidy up your room.

Then it would be best for you to have a multi-functional storage hanger to make your life more manageable, the l-shaped clothes rack undoubtedly the one that can help you the most!


Raybee heavy duty clothing rack with ample storage space to keep your room organized

Easy to install, simple and stylish, rich in space, and easy to classify and store for easy search. The l shaped garment rack has multiple sets of clothes rods that can hang long skirts, trousers, shirts, and coats for daily wear without wrinkling. Multi-layer wire racks can sort and organize your bedding, hats, ties, scarves, and other daily necessities.

The unique design is that you can change its shape freely according to your needs. If you live in a limited space, it can be assembled to an L shape or split into 2 simple hanging hangers for your bedroom, laundry room, or corner to improve space utilization and help you organize better.


Where to buy L-shaped hangers?

Here Reibii has carefully selected 2 best cost-effective l shaped clothes racks for you.

1. Raybee 800 Lbs Heavy Duty L-shaped Clothing Rack


OUR RATING   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Setup 4 /5  Design 5 /5  Organization 5 /5  Durability 5 /5  Total Value 5 /5

Size: ‎75" W x 17.7" D x 77" H | Weight: 45 pounds | Material: Iron | Color: Black | Number of Shelves: 8 | Number of Rods: 5 | Roll: No 

 what we like

what we don't like

  • L-shaped design for small spaces

  • Clear assembly process
  • Durable metal material
  • Large capacity
  • A safer anti-tipping design 
    • Requires at least one helper during installation


    After opening the package, it is evident that every part of the product has been carefully packaged and marked with a label. The operation instructions are well-typed, and each operation step is clearly described. The process went unbelievably smooth with few problems when we followed it step by step. But needed at least 2 people to complete the installation, just only spent half an hour in the whole process.

    Once installed, the hanger looks very simple and stylish. The minimalist black exterior and L-shaped construction make it easy to fit into any space. Thanks to its 5 poles and 8 shelves, it offers plenty of storage space. In our experience, if you want to put away accessories, this shelf can hold all kinds of daily items—from shoes to scarves to boxes.

    The use of anti-tipping pieces makes this corner clothes rack more stable. Even if you shake it, there is no risk of tipping over. Our testers said confidently: When we added two 20-pound bags to the bar, there were zero signs of flexing or distress.

    All in all, we won't change anything about this product. It checks all the factors, and it's undoubtedly a roomy, reliable option for anyone looking for an l-shaped clothes organizer.

    Especially if you live in a small space, it will be your best room organizer. We gave it a 5-star rating and thought it was worth the money. We'd like to willing for pay more for this product.

    2. L-shaped Garment Rack Heavy Duty with Baskets


    OUR RATING   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Setup 4 /5    Design 5 /5   Organization 5 /5   Durability 5 /5   Total Value 5 /5

    Size: 45.1"L x 16.6"W x 76.9"H | Weight:43 pounds | Material: Iron | Color: Black | Number of Shelves: 5 | Number of Rods: 3 | Number of Baskets: 2 | Roll: No

     what we like

    what we don't like

    • L-shaped design for small spaces
    • Clear assembly process
    • Durable metal material
    • More powerful storage with baskets
    • A safer anti-tipping design 
    • Requires at least one helper during installation


    After opening the package, each part has a corresponding number and is equipped with concise and logical instructions. We quickly completed this large project in half an hour. To test its spatial adaptability, we also deliberately reassembled it.

    The horizontal shelf is like a large wardrobe rack covering almost the entire wall. But you don't have to worry about your small space being unable to fit it. After only 5 minutes, we happily split it into 2 small and flexible closets.

    Of course, we also specially assembled it to the L shape model. Its prosperous storage organization excited us, including 3 hanging rods + 5 wire racks + 2 large storage baskets. We continue to add suits, jackets, pants, hats, and even a quilt on top - all fit perfectly. 

    And interestingly, if you have more long clothes to store, you can also remove the basket to serve your purpose.

    The shelf proved to be light and easy to move. While it can't be rolled, the lightweight design means you can easily lift it when you want to rearrange the space. Our testers thought this hanger was such an ideal hanger that it was a great value, and there was almost no way to say "no" to it.

    How do we test hangers?

    • Assembly Test: whether the installation instructions are clear; whether each component has a clear label; the assembly time; whether it can be completed alone.
    • Organization Test: Keep adding clothes, hats, shoes, and bags to the shelf until the shelf is full. In this process, having good stability is also a factor we need to consider. Finally, we need to get the maximum load data of the shelf.
    • Durability Test: mainly for the inspection of materials and critical connection parts. For example, whether the material is rust-proof, whether the connector at the core is stable, and whether it can support long-term use.
    • Design: Does it meet the needs of small space/corner storage when switching to L-shaped storage rack/2 simple hangers.
    • Overall Value: Our testers considered their real feelings and experience results when judging the overall value of each shelf. Especially for families with small children, it is vital to equip the shelves with anti-tipping pieces that can be attached to the wall. We put together all the data to write down this list of what we think are the best L-shaped CLOTHING RACK for extra, stylish, and practical storage in your space, so you can always enjoy the easy life!

    What to consider when buying an L-shaped garment rack?

    • Size

    When shopping for an L-shaped hanger, the first thing you should consider is the height of the hanger. We strongly recommend that you measure the space first and ensure it's high enough to fit your l shaped clothes stand. Suppose you want to put hangers in your room because you don't have a traditional wardrobe. In that case, you can set the hangers horizontally or L-shaped model. If you want to add a shelf at the entrance to hang your jackets when you go in, you can set it up as two small clothes racks.

    • Organization options

    You need to choose the hanger according to your needs. If you prefer to hang your clothes rather than fold them, you may want it to have multiple sets of clothes rods, and the space is not obstructed. If you want more space for your bags, shoes, etc., you need to consider a hanger with more layers or baskets. Also, consider the durability of the frame material. A flimsy pole isn't great for hanging many heavy coats, even if it's long and usually roomy.

    Katie Berry, The Spruce's Cleaning Review Board member, notes that racks with shelves—in addition to giving you more flexible storage options—also tend to be sturdier. Berry also stresses that if your household has young children, it's key to look for a rack "that can be fastened to the wall to prevent tipping."

    • Color

    A clothes hanger is a functional and stylish item in your home, so it's critical to consider the color of the hanger you buy and how it will fit into your room. If you don't have a favorite color, choose a hanger that looks clean, simple, and functional. Because the simple rack is usually more adaptable and will not affect the style of the clothes, shoes, bags, etc., on your hanger.

    • Anti-dump setting

    If you have cute and naughty children at home, it is recommended that you prioritize this factor.








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