6 Common Closet Organizing Mistakes


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Do you experience any of these situations? The closet always looks messy, and it's hard to tidy it up once, but it turns out that I can't find the correct position of the items. Compared with before finishing, it looks tidy, but the subsequent use is frustrating. Therefore, the basic principle of organizing the wardrobe is to be neat, clean and easy to use. Next, let's look at some of the common mistakes that are made when organizing your closet.

1. Keep Unworn Clothes In Your Closet

We always keep the clothes and shoes we don’t wear, maybe because of cherishing, maybe because of nostalgia, or maybe because we hope that one day it will be loved by you again. This kind of behavior of not being extravagant and wasteful is certainly worthy of praise! However, if your space is not too big, but you are constantly buying new clothes with similar functions. Then their ending is very likely to be darkened in a corner, turning to ashes silently. It's better to take advantage of the present, ask them, and send them to those who need them. Or spread your ingenuity immediately, rearrange or design them, and let them be in the center of your vision.

2. A Messy Stuffing Without Tidying Up

All the clothes are not sorted, not neatly folded, just put all the things that need to be stored into the storage cabinet. OK, they are stored. What is this like? Your cabinet is like a black hole, everything is inside, but you can't see anything, and you dig in the dark repeatedly when you use it.

3. Do Not Classify And Store

No matter how minimalist you are, you will have at least 2 sets of clothes in each season of spring, summer, autumn and winter. If you don't sort and mix all the clothes together, that's at least 16 clothes. Daily organization is not an easy task.

Therefore, in summer, spring, autumn, winter clothes will enter a dormant period. You can temporarily store these out-of-season clothes in the warehouse or other places in bags or boxes. That way you'll quickly gain an extra 3/4 of storage each season.

4. Using The Wrong Storage Box

I'm often in the dilemma of not being able to find my favorite little dress after motivating me to organize my wardrobe. This really hurts my heart! It was always in the center of my vision before tidying up, but now I don't remember where I buried it.

Yes, I use several large storage boxes to keep my entire closet looking organized. Now, it must be buried somewhere.

Therefore, try to choose some visual storage tools when storing. It can really be organized instead of stored.

5. The Closet Is Not Partitioned

Most people's closets are full of traffic. But partitioning will keep us entertained working even in heavy traffic. For example, you can divide your wardrobe into top area, long skirt area, shorts area, underwear area and so on. Secure them in their respective fields with the right clothes separator.

In this way, even if you have a lot of clothes, you can find what you want in a small section in a short time.

6. Using The Wrong Hangers

For example, if you hang a shirt on a small hanger, the shirt is more likely to collapse and wrinkle. Use the coat hanger to hang underwear, underwear tends to fall on the closet floor and hide. Hanging trousers on a coat hanger, the trouser legs cannot be stretched naturally, and it is easy to block the storage underneath.

In short, never mix all the clothes on all the hangers. Once crowded, those small clothes will be covered tightly, and the clothes will be entangled with each other and easily fall off. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose the correct hangers for different clothes when storing them to obtain a clean and tidy wardrobe.

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