19 Bedroom Organization Tips to Elevate Room Aesthetics


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The bedroom is the heart of relaxation and rest in our lives. Having a clean and well-organized bedroom environment can help you unwind and enjoy the comfort of your cozy home! If you haven't started organizing or if you're a novice in the realm of tidiness, fear not! You're in the right place. Follow Reibii to create a bedroom space that's uniquely yours.


DIY Bedroom Organization Tips and Inspiration

Turning your bedroom into a neat and long-lasting sanctuary might seem like an incredibly daunting task, especially for those with limited space and time. But leaving things unattended is not the smartest move. There are always ways to maximize your space and escape the chaos.


Here are 19 simple methods to tidy up your bedroom and maintain lasting order.


1. Prepare Plenty Of Bins And Baskets


We often realize what we lack but never really know how much we have.

Open all your drawers, closets, and storage boxes to discover where your money has been going. If this is a deep bedroom cleaning, then having plenty of trash bins and baskets is definitely a shortcut to conquer the messy bedroom swiftly!

Tips: Before you throw things away, think if they can be reused or donated to someone in need.


2. Make An Inventory List

To avoid missing any spot while cleaning the bedroom, to create an inventory of the items you plan to tidy up, such as the bed, vanity, storage cabinets, boxes, and bedside tables, and make a list. Check off each item as you complete its cleaning.


3. One Section At A Time

Remember, you don't have to do everything in one day. Divide the entire plan into multiple parts and execute them gradually.

For example, if you clean the bed this week, schedule the wardrobe for the next week, and the vanity for the week after that. Take it step by step, giving yourself enough time and patience to organize each section meticulously.


4. Categorize With Bins And Baskets

Make organizing feel like disassembling building blocks! Using bins and baskets smartly can make the whole process fast and effortless!

For instance, when going through your wardrobe, you can use prepared bins or baskets to help categorize items according to seasons or clothing types. Even shoes and hats can each have their own dedicated basket. Effortlessly create a well-ordered bedroom storage system!


5. Get A Wardrobe Organizer

Whether you have a walk-in wardrobe or use a shallow option with sliding or folding doors, you need an organizing solution. Luckily, the market offers various wardrobe organizers.

They come in different sizes, styles, and configurations, including ones with hanging rods, wheels, hooks, drawers, or even covers. Whether you need more hanging space or want to quickly find what you need without disturbing the previous work, Reibii's wardrobe organizer series allows you to start using it right away.


6. Matching Hangers

Matching hangers are crucial for making your wardrobe look neat and tidy. It may seem like a minor detail, but you'd be surprised at the huge difference it can make. Plus, this bedroom organization tip can be applied regardless of how big your space is.


7. Get Multiple Dressers Ready


If you've got the budget, here's another fantastic organizing idea for your bedroom – having multiple dressers! It's the ultimate storage solution for all your knick-knacks and personal items!

When it comes to organizing, you can never have too many drawers. So, why not place one or more drawer dressers inside your wardrobe for storing seldom-used or small decorative items? You can even keep your cherished shoes in them, protecting them from dust and critters, keeping them in tip-top shape!

And hey, why not have another one in your bedroom? You can use it as a TV stand, a bookshelf, a dressing table, or even a bedside table.


8. Drawer Dividers To The Rescue

Now that you've got dressing tables and enough drawers, you don't want to just stuff all your socks, underwear, beauty products, and cloth masks haphazardly in there. That would be like falling into the abyss of digging for stuff! So, it's essential to invest in drawer dividers to create separate storage spaces, making everything visible and tidy!


Talking about dressing tables, you can maximize storage by dividing drawers and shelves. Just like wardrobe organizers, the market offers countless products designed to create smaller sections within larger drawers or shelves.


These are especially useful for socks, underwear, beauty products, and cloth masks. Also, shelf dividers can help prevent neatly stacked shirts, scarves, and sweaters from toppling over.


9. Shoe Racks

When you've got more than four pairs of shoes, a shoe rack is an absolute must-have! Picture this: you open your front door, and your slippers and sneakers are all lying around by the entrance. That's definitely not the scene you want. Choosing a shoe rack to hold them all and keep them organized and off the floor.


Shoe racks come in various styles, but the most crucial factors to consider are capacity and ease of access to your favorite shoes. Additionally, any delicate materials like suede should be stored accordingly to avoid getting squashed by heavier shoes like boots and high heels.


10. Get A Jewelry Organizer Box

A jewelry organizer box keeps your jewelry neat and tangle-free, especially chains and dangling pieces. So, when you're standing in front of the mirror at your dressing table, you'll effortlessly match your accessories, shining and dazzling like a star!


11. Custom Storage For Special Clothing

If you've got wedding dresses, vintage jackets, tailcoats, or any other exquisite and expensive items, you might need special clothing storage solutions. Depending on the nature of the clothing, this could include garment bags for climate-controlled hanging, or dress boxes to avoid creases, or padded silk hangers to prevent wrinkles and stains.


12. Install Wall Hooks

If you lack a spacious wardrobe or coat rack, installing wall hooks can quickly give you the storage you need. For example, place hooks around your wardrobe or bedroom walls. That way, you have designated spots to hang your bags, scarves, umbrellas, and robes. Not to mention, wall hooks are perfect for those occasional jackets you don't want to toss into the laundry right away, but you can't fold and stash in the wardrobe either. Wall hooks will come to your rescue!



13. Create A Dedicated Hat Storage

For those of you with a large collection of hats, you may want to create a dedicated storage area for them. Storing them in a closet or drawer can cause them to get crushed and wrinkled.

The best approach is to store them individually. Find an empty wall space and set up suitable wall hooks for your hats, allowing them to be displayed like in a store and become a beautiful focal point in your bedroom!


14. Choose A Storage Bedside Table

In most bedrooms, especially those where the bed is positioned against the center wall, a bedside table is essential. So why not choose an interesting design that also offers storage functionality?


A compact vanity table makes an excellent coffee table, providing ample storage space for your books, glasses, and other bedside essentials.


With unique built-in power outlets, it makes charging your table lamp, phone, or computer more convenient. You definitely don't want to be in the midst of an engrossing Kindle reading session only to panic over low battery and rush out of bed to find an available outlet. I used to encounter this scenario quite often!


15. Utilize Under-Bed Storage Space

One of the best tricks for a small bedroom is to make full use of the storage space under your bed. You can purchase a storage bed with drawers at the foot or on the sides, but there are also many designs available specifically for placing under an existing bed.

For example, you can choose compartmentalized drawers with wheels to store your off-season blankets or clothing. This hidden storage solution is becoming a popular trend!


16. Get A Storage Bench or Footstool

Another convenient and charming bedroom organization idea is to have a storage bench or footstool. It provides a seating area while offering additional storage space for items like extra bedding, pillows, or seasonal jackets. Placing a bench at the foot of the bed or against the wall looks great. A footstool can be placed almost anywhere - in the middle of the room, inside a walk-in closet, or next to a window.


17. Consider A Vanity...

Do you like makeup?

Do you have a large collection of cosmetics or makeup tools? Then you need a dedicated space—a dresser.

Make sure your vanity is equipped with a mirror that adapts to various lighting conditions so you can confidently enhance your makeup and showcase your unique beauty. It is no exaggeration to say that besides the bed and the bed cabinet, the dresser is also an essential piece of furniture in the bedroom.


18. Storage Shelves

If you love art and enjoy collecting, you might find inspiration in your bedroom while creating your poetic and artistic space. You can prepare storage shelves to display your framed artwork, creative tools, and more.

Opting for white shelves would be an excellent choice as they won't overshadow the brilliance of your creations.


19. Embrace Minimalism

Color coordination is crucial for maintaining a neat and tidy bedroom! Imagine if your bedding, bed, carpet, curtains, and walls all have a mishmash of different colors. No matter how clean you keep things, these mixed colors will make your head spin. That's why embracing minimalism (as a lifestyle and design approach) is one of the best ways to achieve long-term bedroom organization.


Refer to your current wallpaper, carpet color scheme, and pair them with soft-toned bedding and furniture. Simple artwork or decor pieces can be added. A clean and cohesive interior design style will maximize your visual enjoyment!


How to Maintain a Clean Room


Having an organized and tidy bedroom doesn't necessarily mean it's clean. So, to maintain an organized and tidy bedroom, it's important to periodically clean surface dust and corners, ensure proper ventilation and light intake, and reduce the breeding of mosquitoes and bacteria.


Reibii Helps You Create Your Dream Bedroom

These 19 bedroom organization tips should provide you with plenty of introductory inspiration. Remember, you don't have to use all of these ideas, nor do you have to implement them all at once. Focus on the ones that are useful to you and discard any that don't fit your space.


If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section to communicate with me!

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