Enjoy an Exciting Summer Vacation with Reibii's Hot Summer Sale!


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The lively summer vacation is in full swing, with children busy practicing swimming, biking, dancing, and engaging in various activities to enrich their holiday lives. Families are also embarking on trips together, making it a joyful and exciting summer break filled with precious moments for parents and children alike.

To make the vacation even more enjoyable, Reibii has prepared a special summer sale event that offers fantastic deals and products to enhance your summer experience.


Activity 1: Upgrade Your Kitchen with Reibii Storage Shelf System

storage rack

During the summer break, let your children try their hand at making their own delicacies, cold beverages, ice creams, and more. Help them experience the meaning of life through learning.

If you want to avoid a cluttered kitchen, Reibii's storage shelf system can upgrade your storage space and effortlessly create a clean and tidy kitchen!

Activity Details: Save up to 13%

Activity Period: July 8 - July 12

Activity Link: https://reibii.com/collections/storage-shelves


Activity 2: Organize Your Home with EnHomee Storage Cabinet Series

storage dresser

During the summer break, it's a common sight to see a group of children playing with building blocks, toys, drawing, and writing together in the living room.

The house is filled with laughter and warmth, creating an extremely heartwarming and healing atmosphere. But when the excitement subsides, do you find yourself complaining about the storage of toys, drawing paper, puzzles, books, and other learning materials?

EnHomee's storage dresser series offers a wide range of storage drawers that are lightweight. You can help your children label each drawer and guide them to organize items by category. This will greatly reduce your workload, and your children will develop better teamwork and cooperation skills.

Activity Details: Save up to 10% + extra $5 coupon

Activity Period: July 8 - July 12

Activity Link: https://reibii.com/collections/dresser


Activity 3: Simplify Your Closet with Raybee Clothes Rack

clothes storage organizer

During the summer break, children finally free themselves from the confines of school uniforms and can wear their favorite clothes every day.

It's not just the kids; adults also tend to have a plethora of summer clothes and accessories!

There are stunning dresses, unique denim shorts, a variety of short-sleeved shirts and vests, sun protection clothing, sunglasses, hats, handbags, sandals, flip-flops, and more. This inevitably becomes a burden on your wardrobe, and with frequent changes, if you don't organize it daily, it becomes a mess.

Raybee's clothes rack series features transparent and adjustable functions, allowing you to easily store and find your clothes while offering a massive storage capacity, relieving you of any wardrobe organization worries.

Activity Details: Save up to 10%

Activity Period: July 8 - July 12

Activity Link: https://reibii.com/collections/clothes-rack


Wishing everyone an unforgettable and delightful summer vacation! Spend quality time with your family and children, as a wonderful childhood will bring happiness throughout their lives.

Make the most of this summer with Reibii's hot summer sale, and enjoy a stress-free and organized home environment that enhances your summer experience!

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