2023 Fabric Dresser Buying & Using Guide - Make Your Room Cleaner


If you're looking for an affordable fabric dresser for your home, or you love fabric furniture, or you just want to find the right storage space for your socks, underwear, and other clutter, follow me and I'll Tell You All About Them. 

1. What is a Fabric dresser?

Fabric dresser are generally composed of metal skeletons (some are MDF skeletons), MDF desktops and non-woven storage cabinets. Large capacity, high quality, simple installation and low budget, non-woven storage cabinets are considered to be the most affordable type of storage cabinets on the market.

2. Types of Fabric Drawer Dresser

  • According to the material:

The fabric storage dresser can be divided into: metal and wood fabric storage cabinet and wooden fabric storage cabinet。

EnHomee fabric dresser with 7 drawers

The metal and wood fabric dresser drawers looks more retro, and the black metal frame makes it look cooler and tougher. The weight is lighter than the wooden bedroom dresser organizer, and it is more convenient to move around!

EnHomee white fabric dresser

The wooden storage dresser has a more modern look with a classic grey and white colour scheme, which makes it look more minimal and soft. Use as a storage unit with 9 drawers, or remove all drawers and you'll get a white modern display cabinet to display your favorite books, toys or accessories.

  • According to the functionality:

The fabric dresser organizer can be divided into TV cabinets, bedroom drawer units, and narrow side tables.

Fabric storage dresser for TV

TV cabinet:

Features: short dressers, generally placed under the TV, can store books, remote controls, Switch, headphones, mobile phones, computers, etc.

EnHomee bedroom fabric chest of drawers

Bedroom fabric dresser:

Features: Generally used for chest of drawer. Large capacity, generally used in bedrooms or storage rooms, it can hide almost everything you don't want to show to others, and better protect your privacy.

Narrow fabric drawer dresser

Narrow side table:

Features: Slender. It occupies a small area and can be placed in a corner or by the sink to store some small things.

  • Divided by finishing process:

Surface veneer technology: The surface of the drawer is covered with MDF, which makes the whole more glossy and more realistic. But unprofessional plywood craftsmanship will make the wood not fit around the drawer.

Surface veneer technology: The surface of the drawer is covered with a layer of imitation wood grain fabric, and the fabric grain seams are smoother, making the overall look cleaner.

3. Advantages of Fabric dresser

In the previous section I have shown you the styles of fabric storage cabinets that are already on the market, and you will definitely want to know what are the benefits of using fabric dresser. Next, I will compare fabric dresser and solid wood dresser for you from various aspects:

Fabric Dresser VS Wooden Dresser


Fabric Dresser

Wooden Dresser


Need simple installation, easy disassembly, online purchase: generally does not require any cost Buy finished products directly from the store, no installation required, high shipping costs

Product Weight

Light weight, easy to move and transport Heavy weight, inconvenient to move


Cheap Expensive, and the price is generally more than 3 times that of the fabric storage cabinet


Easy to push and pull, not stuck Easy to get stuck or pinch hands


The fabric is more breathable and ventilated, keeping the stored items dry. When the air humidity is high, it is easy to get wet and moldy, which breeds bacteria.

Load Bearing

Only suitable for storing light items Good load bearing, but with small space to storage.


There will be some odor in the early stage, and it will disappear after ventilation. It will always emit the smell of the wood itself, which is easy to attract insects.


It is very convenient to clean up, use a damp cloth to clean the surface dust, take out the drawer to clean the interior. The drawer cannot be completely pulled out, it is more troublesome to clean the interior, and it is difficult to clean the corners and crevices.


4. Things You Should Consider When Buying A Fabric Storage Dresser

  • Size

You need to consider the size of the overall fabric dresser drawer and the size of the accompanying drawers.

For example, you may be missing a TV cabinet, a bedside storage cabinet or a bedroom storage dresser, etc., then you need to carefully measure whether the space you plan to place it is enough to accommodate the organizer.

Then again, knowing the size of the attached drawer is also very important, as the size of the drawer directly affects your storage capacity!

If you have no idea for a while and just need a comprehensive home organizer, you can buy any style of fabric dresser you like and pack it in the right place to hold it later. Anywhere in your home can be the right place if you want!

  • Capacity

After the previous step, you already have some favorite storage dresser. 

Now let's take a moment to take a closer look at their parameters. 

You need to know the overall load-bearing capacity of the fabric drawer dresser and the load-bearing capacity of a single drawer, especially the load-bearing capacity of a single drawer will directly determine your storage capacity.

Of course, the drawers of the fabric storage dresser are mostly made of fabric, so it's never quite as strong as you'd expect it to be. Generally suitable for daily shoes, clothes and other lightweight items storage.

If you want to store heavy items, you can choose metal storage racks.

  • Handle

For a good storage dresser for bedroom, having appropriate handles can not only enhance the temperament of the storage cabinet, but also highlight its charming style. And it is very labor-saving to use! 

From the materials used, there are wooden, plastic, metal and cloth handles.

In terms of shape, there are round, elongated or hollow handle designs. 

If you have a lot of things and use them frequently, then the hollow handle (holes directly on the panel) may not be a good choice, because the non-woven material does not have good stability, and frequent pushing and pulling can easily lead to drawers deformed or damaged.

5. How to Use Fabric Dresser

After receiving the goods, please follow the instructions to build it first. Then transport it to a ventilated place for a few days, make sure it's ventilated, and put some green plants near it to better remove formaldehyde( More ways to remove formaldehyde: https://enviroklenzairpurifiers.com/how-to-remove-formaldehyde-in-a-home/

After everything is ready, we first need to think about where to use it. 

If you've already planned everything before buying, just skip to the next step. If you don't have a perfect solution, then maybe you should know the following.

  • By the bed

If you don't have a bedside table, you can place a new tall bedroom chest of drawers next to your bed. As a desk lamp, book, alarm clock or any other storage solution.

EnHomee gery fabric drawer dresser for bedroom storage

  • Across the bed

If you need a dresser or TV console in your bedroom, you can place your new bedroom dresser across from the bed, place the TV above it, or place your makeup securely on the tabletop.

But make sure your storage fabric dresser and your bed have enough space so that you can freely pull out the drawers.

EnHomee dresser perfect for home organization

  • In the corner

Just imagine, on a sunny day, you open the curtains with your hands and the sun shines on the beautiful dresser in the corner, it seems to add a bright color to the whole room!

Like a great supporting role, play the residual heat of the corner, decorate your room, and improve the utilization rate of the room!

EnHomee tall dresser for coner

  • In the hallway

You can also put the dresser with fabric drawers at the entrance to store your daily used shoes, hats or scarves. It is convenient to pull out and easy to clean, which not only provides you with a convenient life, but also saves you a lot of time.

EnHomee dresser with 12 fabric drawers

Finally, after arranging your fabric dresser organizer, secure it to a nearby wall with a safety lock to prevent the risk of tipping.

6. Daily maintenance

As easy as it is to install and use, it's also very simple to maintain!



Gently wipe away dust or stains with a damp cloth. Soak the entire drawer in water to clean, the MDF will be deformed by soaking
The storage capacity is smaller than the drawer capacity Don't be overweight!
  • Overweight can easily deform or damage your drawers
  • Being overweight will increase the pressure on the handle


Now if you want to add an economical and practical fabric dresser to your home, welcome to REIBII to buy your home organizer, EnHomee brand furniture will serve you wholeheartedly!

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