Best Uses for a Clothing Rack with Shelves


Raybee metal wire clothing rack with shelves

Clothing racks with shelves are a convenient and useful storage tool for virtually any room in your home. A garment rack with shelves can be used to display your clothes in an organized fashion, keep them off the floor or bed so they don't get dirty. It can be difficult to keep your clothing clean and organized, especially when you don’t have the space or means. Nobody likes having to choose their clothes from a pile on the floor!

You can also store other household items on a clothing rack with shelves, such as towels, linen products, and accessories. Many models come with additional features, such as wheels or adjustable mechanisms that allow you to move them easily when you need to do so. If you’re looking for a space that will allow you to effectively store your personals, clothing racks with shelves are the way to go.


  • Displaying and Storing Clothing

REIBII vintage clothes rack with wooden shelves for hanging clothes and storing othes items

    Let’s start with the most obvious. You can use clothes rack shelves to display and store clothing so you can easily find the clothing piece of your choice with little hassle. Decreasing the time it takes to sort through clothing can be a great benefit, especially if you’re busy. The space for storing clothes allows you to organize them how you’d like, whether by color, season, or style.

    While basic clothing racks without the shelves are great for displaying clothes, they often don't provide much storage space. Simple clothing shelves without racks, on the other hand, are excellent for storage but don’t include a rack to hang and display clothing. A clothing rack with shelves combines the best of both worlds: it provides ample space for showing off your wardrobe while still offering you lots of storage options!


    • Laundry Assistance

    Raybee laundry clothes rack

    Here’s an idea: using your clothing rack to hang and store your laundry. A metal clothing rack with shelves can allow you to organize your laundry, from organizing the clean and dirty clothes on the racks to folding dry ones and storing them on the shelves.

    You can also use these racks as drying racks if you do not have a dryer. When you are washing your clothes, it is good practice to hang them up on a rack so that they can dry properly and stay clean. It’s a perfect tool to keep in a laundry room, mudroom, or even outside for drying clothing since it provides a space for storage and accessibility.

    A Raybee clothes racks with shelves is durable enough to withstand outside elements, allowing you the option to dry your clothes outside in the summertime. Simply hang the clothes on the racks and come back later when they’re dry.


    • Storage for Other Household Items

    portable clothes rack with wire shelves for storing shoes, clothes, bags and other items

      If you have free standing closet shelves, consider using them to store items that don't fit in your drawers or cabinets. You can use a clothing rack for towels and linens, for example. It’s also easy to set up a personal shoe shelf on a garment rack with shelves, which allows you to choose from an array of shoes as you’re trying on outfits.

      For those looking for extra storage for accessories, books, toys, or other items that don’t hang, the shelves provide extra space. Clothing racks can be used for more than just clothes, especially if they include shelves! If you're looking for ways to keep your home organized, using an extra piece of furniture for storage, such as clothing rack shelves, is a great option.


      • Keeping Accessories Organized

      Organizing your accessories is a great way to ensure that you always have the additional pieces you need to bring your outfit together. Whether that’s a hat and scarf or a fancy belt, a clothing rack can be used to hang or store items that you’ll need when getting dressed. As mentioned, the shelf option also allows you to store your shoes to display them for when needed.

      Raybee  clothing rack with shelves and wheels

      Raybee offers a wide selection of clothes storage shelves, some even including baskets for further organization. A clothes rack with shelves, such as the REIBII 71” Portable Clothes Closet, allows for bins and baskets to be stacked on the lowest level below the hanging clothes, or on the upper level. Clothing shelves for bedroom can store all your items in one place, so they don’t take up space in drawers or cabinets. Plus, it looks pretty good while doing it!


      • Portable Options

      Raybee portable clothes rack with wheels

        Portable free standing closet shelves can be used in many different situations and locations. You can take them on your next RV camping trip or use them to organize the garage, kitchen, or even your bedroom closet. If you are traveling for an extended period of time, you can use a portable clothing rack to make your trip stress-free and more comfortable.

        Some of Raybee’s clothes racks are even foldable, allowing for easy storage and transportation. If you’re looking to try our idea of using a clothing rack as a drying rack, the wheels allow it to be easily moved into the laundry room or even outside. Once you begin using portable clothing shelves, you’ll realize the ease and never want to go back to normal shelves!


        • Clothing Racks are Perfect Easy-to-Use Storage Tools

        Clothing racks are versatile tools for organizing and storing your closet while still looking nice in your space. They can be used to organize handbags, shoes, accessories, and whatever else you can think to store. In addition to being highly practical, a metal clothes rack with shelves is a chic and modern option that is guaranteed to look good in any room. You can even choose from vintage and industrial options, such as the Raybee Closet Organizer with Wooden Shelves, for a look that will match the design of your home. They’re easy-to-use storage solutions that are a great addition to any room and any home.

        Clothes racks with shelves are especially useful because they provide an additional layer of organization that other types of clothing racks don’t. The shelves provide extra space for items that can’t be hung. If you need an easy way to keep things tidy and organized throughout the house, a clothing rack with shelves is the perfect solution!


        Choose the Best Clothing Rack for Your Space

        As you can see, there are many different uses for clothing racks. They’re great for displaying clothes, storing laundry and other household items, organizing accessories, and even keeping things tidy while traveling.

        We recommend the Raybee Clothes Rack with Shelves as our favorite for a clothing rack with shelves. The countless options of size, material, color, and features will guarantee that you’ll find the perfect option for your space. With so many options available on the market today, there’s no reason not to give this handy piece of furniture a try!

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