Enhomee Black Bedroom Dresser with 12 Drawers, Chest of Drawers For Bedroom


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Enhomee Black Storage Dresser:

with 8 large drawers and 4 medium drawers, catering to different storage needs. Overall dimensions: 11.8"D x 40.6" W x 43.7"H. Each drawer can hold up to 10 pounds, making it suitable for various items. The large drawers can accommodate seasonal clothes, jeans, blankets, and more, while the medium drawers are perfect for convenient access to items like socks and diapers. Each drawer has a depth of 10.8 inches, providing ample storage space.

 Enhomee 12 largge storage drawers

Durable dresser with versatile top:

Featuring a high-quality wooden top, the dresser can accommodate TVs up to 50 inches or decorative items like dolls, striking a perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics. Moreover, the dresser is crafted with a metal structure, and each model is equipped with metal X-supports at the back, enhancing its durability.

 Enhomee dresser with double X bars

Easy assembly:

Just like building with LEGO toys! Simple graphic instructions, modular design, and no need for complex tools, making it a fun DIY project to create your personalized space. Adjustable feet prevent wobbling and ensure stability on different surfaces.

 Enhomee dresser with large storage drawers

Versatile for various spaces:

Use it in children's bedrooms as a nursery dresser, in hallways or entryways to store books and shoes. The multiple drawers also provide space to store items you always need but don't want to showcase, ensuring your privacy.

Enhomee dresser for various spaces


  • Color: Black
  • Overall size: 11.8"D x 40.6" W x 43.7"H
  • Load capacity in total: 240 lbs

Material Details

  • Frame: Metal
  • Drawers: Fabric
  • Handles: Plastic
  • Top: Wooden board

Package Includes

  • 1 x EnHomee 12 drawer dresser
  • 1 x Anti-tipping kit
  • 1 x Assembly instruction
  • 1 x Assembly tool

Installation Manual: CD-DR-8B4S-113CH-DL


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Enhomee Black Bedroom Dresser with 12 Drawers, Chest of Drawers For Bedroom
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